The release of our Big Red Button

Exciting times are here at Eloy as we release another app update.

We have a long list of features and updates in our product roadmap and some useful additions are in this release. You can download the latest version of the app from the App Store.

Key items in this update include:

Accident manager 

Or as we like to call it at Eloy HQ: Big Red Button. 

We have added a basic accident manager under the insurance section of the app. This tool will guide a driver what to do after an accident, store key information in a single place, and generate an accident report PDF that can be sent to your insurer. You can edit and get others to edit the report via the Driver’s Log.

iPhone Screen Showing Big Red Button

Press the Big Red Button for guidance on what to do in the event of a car accident

Onboarding animations

To make onboarding a little more fun, we have included some really nice animations. We will take these designs a little further over the next few months and add them to other parts of the Eloy app. 

Animations to welcome you to Eloy

Apple social login

This was an interesting update and timely. We are not allowing username and password type logins into Eloy because social logins, in our view, are much more secure. 

Within this, we decided that Apple login for iPhones was the most suitable as the device is made by Apple and reduces the number of third parties we need to interact with. 

Coincidentally, from 30th June this year Apple also forced all new app updates to include Sign in with Apple if other social logins are present. We recommend you sign in to Eloy using your Apple ID which means you can also access it using the built in Touch ID on your phone. 

You can read more about the benefits of Sign in with Apple here

Sign In With Apple Screen Shot

Eloy now supports Sign in with Apple

A simple way to sign in to apps that respects your privacy

More persistence

As the Eloy app has multiple users that can edit a car’s details and supply information to the platform, we needed to cater for when some users are not using the app and when internet connectivity is not available. 

This is referred to as database persistence. Our case was more complex as we want to store key information locally on the device (such as Accident Manager) and upload only when users are on Wi-Fi (accident photos can be large). This needed some tweaking to a standard Firebase solution. 

Car Accident Report

Saving photos in the accident report required database persistence

External APIs: DVLA vehicle lookup

Eloy wants to include as much suitable information as possible to users. 

Many useful sources of data are available, including DVLA’s car databases. We are now using this API as part of Accident Manager and onboarding, and will look to incorporate the functionality into a few further upcoming features. 

Retrieve your car details via DVLA’s API

As well as all of that we’re working on a couple of big new features – more voice control and and enhanced Driver’s Log. 

We have some exciting voice controls in development that are dependent on other items being ready and tested first. The next app update will have more voice controls. We are also making the Driver’s Log more user friendly with additional search functionality and filters. 

Driver's Log Screenshot

A sneak preview of our enhanced Driver’s Log – coming very soon

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