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What's in the app?

Our app makes managing your policy easy, with extra features to help you have a better, safer driving experience. 

A better way of driving

  • Voice activated

    Hands free for safer driving

  • Driver's log

    Keep a record of incidents and near-misses

  • Plan journeys

    Share routes and manage parking

  • Stay connected

    Pre-set messages and alerts to keep in touch with friends and family

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Manage your policy

  • Documents at your fingertips

    View your policy, make changes, and renew online

  • Report accidents

    Easily get in touch with us via the app if you need to make a claim

  • Auto-reminders

    Keep on top of essential paperwork and legal requirements

  • Message relay service

    Contact a friend or a relative in the event of an accident

Hassle-free insurance

  • Save money

    No hidden admin fees, and discounts passed on to you

  • No upper age limit

    If you're fit to drive we'll cover you

  • Guaranteed courtesy car

    With all fully comprehensive policies

  • Get you home service

    We won't leave you stranded if your car's not roadworthy

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