Couple Driving

What's in the app?

Our app is designed to help you have a better, safer driving experience. 

A better way of driving

  • Route planner

    Save up to 4 quick access destinations per car that you can share with other drivers

  • Driver's log

    Keep a record of driving activity, incidents, and hazards on the road

  • Manage parking

    Mark your location so you can easily find where you left the car

  • Stay connected

    Share your real-time location with friends and family as you drive

Home Screen
Siri Screen

Fully voice-controlled

  • 100% legal

    Complies with the law on using mobile devices whilst driving

  • Siri shortcuts

    Let Eloy do the work for you without you needing to touch your phone.

  • Reliable routing

    Instinctive turn-by-turn, voice-guided navigation to help you find your way from A to B

Coming soon

  • Hassle-free insurance

    Manage your policy and make claims via the app

  • Smarter route sharing

    Create bespoke routes to exact locations and share them in the app

  • Automated car manuals

    Ask a question about your car and get an answer from Eloy!

  • More voice control

    Manage your entire driving experience while keeping your hands on the wheel

Park Screen


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