Our first demo video

Lockdown in the UK delayed this video from release but it is now great to start sharing Eloy’s product videos with you!

For the first release of Eloy we wanted to test a number of core functions. This included our mapping APIs, GPS locations, voice activation and voice recording (with Siri and Siri Shortcuts), database management (persistence), a few basic decision trees (that can be used to build a chatbot) and sharing this functionality back with the user (Driver’s Log). 

These building blocks will allow us to build more services and features over time, with our accident management (GPS, photos, database and some other APIs such as DVLA number plate checker) feature being released this week. 

Taking Eloy for a test drive

I took my car (Kody the Skoda Kodiaq) out for a drive with my iPhone plugged into the car’s infotainment system and Apple CarPlay running. With this in place, I can then use the talk function on the car’s steering wheel to launch Siri, and from Siri I can use the Siri Shortcuts built into Eloy for parking the car (“Park the Car”) and Reporting Incidents on the road (“Report Incident”). 

Parking the car will allow me to then choose which car I would like to park (Auto detection is in development) and then mark on a map where that car is parked. This also generates an entry into the Driver’s Log, where other car users attached to that specific car can see the event and use the location in the log detail to see where the car is parked. Users can also go to the Car page within Eloy to see where the car has been parked. 

Report incident allows drivers to dictate a message, share that on the driver’s log and see where that incident took place. On my test drives I came across a speeding van and an over-enthusiastic fence builder. Whilst these are trivial, pulling in this near-miss data and analysing it will help create a new data set for the roads – such as bad turnings we want to avoid or critical road information we want to quickly share with authorities. 

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Damian takes Eloy for its first drive

As mentioned, much of this first release is assessing our building blocks. Enjoy the video and more exciting features will be coming soon!

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