Be better on the road

Eloy gives you all the tools you need to improve your driving experience – don’t leave home without it. 

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Manage your trips

Find your way from A to B with instinctive turn-by-turn navigation. Save favourites and stay connected with friends and family as you drive. 

Driver's log

Keep a record of driving activity, traffic incidents, and hazards on the road. Fully voice-controlled so you can keep your hands on the wheel.

Smart insurance

Had an accident and need to make a claim? Press the Big Red Button in the app and Eloy will walk you through the process to make things a little less stressful. 

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Latest news

Loss Adjuster

Eloy’s accident manager – FNOL in under 3 minutes

There is a lot of buzz around the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to rapidly identify damage to cars in order to help …

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Sat nav speed test

We have been running a few tests of the Eloy app versus other apps as a benchmarking process and were pleasantly surprised by the time …

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Eloy Test Drive
Eloy HQ

Our first demo video

Lockdown in the UK delayed this video from release but it is now great to start sharing Eloy’s product videos with you! For the first …

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Woman Using Siri On Her Phone

Making an app voice first

The world has a number of emerging voice interfaces and assistants – including Siri, OK Google and Alexa. Dozens of smaller companies also provide technology …

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Loss Adjuster Inspecting A Car

Smarter insurance

Insurance is a very established industry, so claiming to be “smarter” is both naive and false. However, we believe the insurance as a service could …

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iPhone Screen Showing Big Red Button
Eloy HQ

The release of our Big Red Button

Exciting times are here at Eloy as we release another app update. We have a long list of features and updates in our product roadmap …

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